Charter One Credit Card

Are you looking for an awesome rewards card? How about a banking card that will help you gain some points that you can use for mileage on your flight plans? Well let us quickly notify you that we are talking about the Charter One Credit Card here in this article. The Charter One Credit Card will not do any of the things just mentioned earlier. Being that the Charter One Credit Card isn't a rewards card in the least, this card would be great for you if you simply need a great banking card with a modest interest rate. The Charter One Credit Card is fully meant for consumers for their "personal use" that have an average or fair credit rating. No matter where you fall in the acceptable credit rating range, you will not be disappointed with the APR you would receive as they really do offer a very nicely competitive APR for the Charter One Credit Card. When it comes to being able to transfer your other account balances over to benefit from the great APR, the same rate even applies for those transfers as well. You will even have a zero percent interest period for the first year on your balance transfers along with your other purchases in the first year of your account.

According to what we have found in researching the Charter One Credit Card requirements for gaining approval, a lot of people might have a hard time getting approved. They are most likely looking for applicants to have a perfectly clean credit history without any negative marks in whatever is deemed in their "recent" time frame. From research and people who have been reporting their approvals and denials for the Charter One Credit Card, it appears that a credit score of at least 625 or above usually gets accepted for the Charter One Credit Card. However, as we all know, there are other factors that also go into whether they accept or reject an applicant.


Making regular payments on your Charter One Credit Card will be the best part of being able to enjoy the interest rate that is offered especially to enjoy the benefit of having all of your balances transferred over the way that you want with the much lower interest rate benefits.

At the end of the day this Charter One Credit Card is for you if you are one who is very good with maintaining multiple balances that are combined all into one. Being approved for the Charter One Credit Card is like a dream come true for most people searching for a great card like this for transferring balances. As we mentioned earlier, this is absolutely not a rewards card in the least. The Charter One Credit Card will not help you with gaining miles for your travels and certainly will not have a special rewards package waiting for you whenever you collect bonus points for your purchases. This is purely a card for moving previous account balances into a much more manageable banking product. If you are in need of a great card for balance transfers then go ahead and check out the Charter One Credit Card.